Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Candidate profile: Otis Putnam for governor

Otis Putnam is a native of Brunswick and attended North Georgia College in Dahlonega. Putnam is a Walmart employee and has been with the company for thirteen years. He served in the Army National Guard as PFC. He is descendent of Israel Putnam, a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution and a hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Putnam is a political outsider who has never held elected office. In 2006, he did serve as the Second Vice Chair of the Glynn County Republican Party. He was inspired to enter the gubernatorial race through a combination of his Christian beliefs and his desire to help put Georgians back to work and revive the economy. He bills himself as the “regular guy” in the governor race.

Following are Mr. Putnam’s positions on a variety of issues facing Georgia:

Jobs: Putnam would like to remove the unnecessary obstacles and fees that block small businesses from creating jobs.

Taxes: Putnam opposes all increases in taxes and fees. He believes that government should live within its means. When revenue falls, spending should be cut. Putnam believes that revenue will increase as the economy recovers. He believes that essential state services should not be cut.

Education: Putnam would like to put prayer back in schools. He would like to simplify regulation and reduce standardized testing. He supports programs to attract and keep quality teachers.

Transportation: Putnam would like to root out corruption in the DOT and focus on long term planning. He would ensure that DOT projects are completed on time. He would reduce congestion in Atlanta by finding an alternate route for large trucks.

Health Care: Putnam supports tort reform as a method to reduce health care costs. He opposes the government takeover of health care. Putnam believes in free market reforms and preventive medicine.

Life: Putnam is Pro-Life.

Gun Rights: Putnam supports the right to keep and bear arms.


Photo Credit: Otis Putnam

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