Monday, October 29, 2018

Hillary In 2020? Fuhgeddaboutit

Hillary Clinton won’t go away. The Democratic loser from 2016 hinted over the weekend at the possibility that she would run again in 2020 saying that she would think about it after the midterms.

In an interview on Friday, Kate Swisher of asked Clinton whether she wanted to run for president again.

“No,” Clinton answered. “I’d like to be president.”

After discussing her qualifications, Clinton added, “I’m not even going to think about, until we get through this Nov. 6 election, about what comes after that.”

Let me take a moment to interject that Hillary should think about running again. She should think about it right now and she should decide against it. If she was a viable candidate for 2020, she would be being interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Washington Post, not a tech website.

Mrs. Clinton has the distinction of being the worst major party candidate in modern American political history. She won that distinction by losing to the second-worst candidate. Her utter lack of charisma, charm, and endurance paired with her checkered history and polarizing political past to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Her lackluster campaign relied on Donald Trump’s unpopularity and ultimately handed the Republican an Electoral College victory when she lost several reliably blue states.

Has anyone forgotten how Hillary failed to campaign in the Rust Belt states and instead focused on swing states that she did not need to win? Do potential supporters recall that she went more than nine months in the middle of the campaign without a press conference? Do you recall how her health was an issue after she fainted at a September 11 event? Who doesn’t remember how, by embracing a candidate with a shady past and history of judgment so bad that it could be illegal and negligent, Democrats set themselves up for an October surprise from James Comey that ultimately tilted the election in Donald Trump’s favor? If Democrats remember any of this, why would they ever consider re-nominating Hillary Clinton?

The evidence says that most Democrats wouldn’t. Over the summer, Rasmussen found that 73 percent of Democrats want a fresh face in 2020. Far from the #ReadyForHillary masses in 2014, Hillary didn’t even place in a CNN poll of Democrat choices for their 2020 standard bearer. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, if there are any, are found among the two percent of Democrats who prefer “someone else.”

Hillary had her shot and she blew it with a choke of historic proportions. If Democrats want to win in 2020, they would be well advised to find a candidate who has something more to offer than female genitalia and the belief that she is destined to be president for no other apparent reason than that she wants to be. In the Trump era, many Democrats may have gone crazy, but I’ll wager that they aren’t stupid enough to roll the dice on Hillary Part Two.

Originally published on The Resurgent

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