Monday, April 18, 2011

Georgia woman threatens lawmakers with pig foot, Curious George doll

A Marietta woman has reportedly admitted to mailing threatening packages to a congressman and a New York state senator.  In a story reported by the New York Post, an Albany N.Y. Fox affiliate and Fox News, Jacquelyn Barnett mailed a package containing a bloody pig foot to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and a stuffed Curious George doll to N.Y. state senator Greg Ball, also a Republican.  King’s package was discovered and intercepted at a congressional mail depot by the US Postal Service, but Ball’s package made it to his legislative office.  Police were called after the package was discovered.

Barnett, a self-described Muslim, wrote anti-Semitic and anti-Christian letters to accompany her packages.  The packages and letters were apparently sent because Barnett was angry at Rep. King for holding hearings to investigate the possibility of the radicalization of American Muslims.   The pig foot was apparently sent because Muslims view pigs as sinful and unclean. 

Senator Ball was apparently also targeted because of similar hearings held by New York’s Senate Homeland Security Committee, which Ball chairs.  Ball was recently accused of Muslim bashing after inviting Nonie Darwish, who is described as an anti-Islam author, to testify.

Ball’s package contained a stuffed Curious George doll adorned with Stars of David, a note that said “Final Destination:  Auschwitz,” and was accompanied by a vial of liquid that was later determined to be perfume (photos of the doll are available on Fox 23’s website).  Curious George’s creators, H.A. and Margaret Reys, were German Jews who living in Paris prior to WWII.  They fled just ahead of the German invasion of France and eventually resettled in New York in 1940.

The letter sent to Sen. Ball said, “Instead of bashing the intellectually superior Muslims, shouldn't a handsome, cannibalized crazy, Christian cracker like yourself be in church chomping on Jew-god corpse and washing it down with Jew-god blood under the pretense of 'Holy Communion'” according to  It continued, “…    the plush monkey/miniature Jew I have gifted you with is an accurate representation of who the Jews are and what you stupid Christians worship.”

Rep. King’s letter, which was intercepted on April 4, closed with a suggestion that the congressman “kiss my black, Muslim-American a--,” according to the Post.  When asked by the Post why she sent the packages, Barnett reportedly answered, “I thought the letters explain themselves.”

Barnett is apparently a radical Muslim blogger as well as a grandmother. notes that she had posted anti-Semitic comments on several websites.  The letter sent to Sen. Ball contained virulently hateful speech.  She allegedly also filled out an online contact form on Sen. Ball’s website complete with her name, phone number, email address, and verses from the Koran.  Amazingly, Barnett reportedly had not been contacted by law enforcement. 

While researching this article, the author contacted several law enforcement agencies about the matter.  A spokesman for the Secret Service did confirm that Rep. King is not their protectee and suggested that the US Capitol Police were probably handling the case.  Agent Steve Emmet of the Atlanta field office of the FBI declined to comment on whether the FBI was involved in an investigation of Ms. Barnett.  Agent Mike Fordham of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that there was no record of Jaquelyn Barnett in the GBI system.  Calls to the New York State Police, the Marietta Police Department, and the Atlanta District office of the US Postal Service have not been returned.

Sgt. Schneider of the US Capitol Police did confirm that the case was still open and under investigation.  She could not confirm any details or provide information on whether Ms. Barnett might have links to any jihadist groups.  At this point, she could also not say whether charges against Ms. Barnett might be pending.  Under federal law, it is possible that Ms. Barnett might be charged with a Class C or D felony.  If convicted, the charge could carry a penalty of five to ten years in prison. 

Rep. King told that Barnett “obviously has problems” and “appears to be a disturbed person who seems to be getting carried away with herself.” 


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CaptainKudzu said...

Hi Jameela,

Thanks for posting. I hope that you will put your comments on my page as well. The link is at the bottom of the original article.

If you'd like to contact me with your phone number or email, I'd be interested in interviewing you.

David "CaptainKudzu" Thornton

Debi said...

What a great article! Most of the time I look at the, but this is an interesting site as well! I would love to hear what else Miss. Jameela has to say. This is very, very interesting. I guess in a strange kinda way it takes alot of guts to do this. YOU GO GIRL!!!!
David, I hope you can get an interview with her. I would LOVE to hear more! I knew nothing of this until you wrote about it! How did this skip the news? If you do PLEASE put in on the examiner!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a sad, pathetic, hate-filled woman. - Thomas