Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Atlas Shrugged" opens Friday in Atlanta

The movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s classic novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” will open this Friday, April 15, in Atlanta.  The novel, which was written in 1957, details a world eerily similar to our own in which an activist government of the United States attempts to centrally control the economy.  The government’s attempts at financial “fairness” cause economic stagnation.  Chaos sets in as entrepreneurs and industrialists begin to mysteriously disappear.  The answer to the disappearances is tied to the question on everyone’s lips:  “Who is John Galt?”  The story centers around Dagny Taggart, executive at a railroad struggling to maintain profitability as society crumbles around it. 

The movie stars Taylor Schilling as protagonist Dagney Taggart, Grant Bowler as Hank Reardon, and Paul Johansson as John Galt.  Johansson also directed the film.  The film is rated PG-13 for sexual content.  The trailer is available on

The movie will be playing at the Regal Medlock Crossing Stadium 18 in Duluth.  Showtimes are available on, but online ticket sales are not available.

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