Thursday, November 16, 2023

Was the shutdown crisis just averted?

 The House passed a continuing resolution to kick the budget can down the road until early 2024. The bill, which funds some parts of the government through January 19 and others through February 2, will now advance to the Senate. Congress must act to fund the government by 11:59 pm on Friday to avert a shutdown.

The use of Groundhog Day in the CR is appropriate since shutdown crises are common, particularly when Republicans control the House of Representatives. The most recent crisis was less than two months ago in September. That crisis was averted by a deal that cost Kevin McCarthy his speakership.

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The current deal is similar to the September agreement in that a bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats acted together to find consensus. The new deal passed the House with 336 in favor, but that breakdown included 127 Republicans and 209 Democrats. That means that the Republican caucus was very nearly split down the middle with 93 nays.

It seems likely that the Senate will pass the compromise legislation, but the bigger question is what the vote means for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.). Johnson’s predecessor was removed for reaching across the aisle against the wishes of the MAGA fringe, just as Johnson has now done.

The difference may be that McCarthy seemed to be the target of a personal vendetta by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). Gaetz took quite a bit of flack from fellow Republicans for triggering the removal vote for McCarthy so, in addition to the lack of personal animosity between Johnson and the fringe right, Johnson’s opponents might think twice about attacking him directly.

I’m encouraged to see the two parties working together, but it will be interesting to see whether Johnson gets blowback from the fiscal hardliners for extending current spending levels.

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