Saturday, May 16, 2020

Poll: 23 Percent Of Republicans Want Party To Nominate Someone Other Than Trump

A new poll shows that nearly a quarter of Republicans would prefer that their party nominate someone other than Donald Trump this year. Despite their reservations, 95 percent of Republicans say that Trump will be renominated.
The poll from Rasmussen, released last Thursday, found that the full pool of voters deadlocked over whether the GOP should replace Trump. When the entire group was considered, opinions for and against Trump were tied at 45-45 percent.
The poll was no kinder to Democrat Joe Biden. Twenty-eight percent of likely Democrats preferred a different candidate than Biden. In contrast to Republicans, fewer Democrats disagreed with finding a replacement candidate (54 percent of Democrats to 70 percent of Republicans) and more were uncertain about whether the party nominee should be replaced (18 to seven percent).
Interestingly, Rasmussen is often considered to be a Trump-friendly pollster. The outlet consistently gives the president some of his highest approval ratings and has been one of the few pollsters to show Trump leading Joe Biden in head-to-head polling.
The poll results show what many voters already knew, that both parties are saddled with unpopular candidates. Neither party should have any illusions that their candidate has broad appeal. Like 2016, the election of 2020 will be a referendum on who is least unpopular .
That news will not be welcome for Republican strategists. With Donald Trump at the forefront of the Coronavirus response and Joe Biden sheltering an undisclosed location, the president’s ubiquity on national media is likely to work against him.

Originally published on The Resurgent

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