Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ted Cruz: Dems Told Single Moms 'Tough Luck' on Tax Reform

When the Republicans need a fiery orator to make a point, the most obvious senator that comes to mind is Ted Cruz (R-Texas). The staunch conservative typically pulls no punches and that was the case this week when he delivered a blistering criticism of Democrat opposition to the tax reform bill on the Senate floor.

Cruz pointed out that the bill doubles the child tax from $1,000 to $2,000, a provision that would particularly help single parents, yet “Every single Democrat in this body is going to say to the single mom ‘tough luck. We aren’t cutting your taxes,’” Cruz said. He also noted that his amendment to the bill includes an expansion of educational savings plans to allow parents to spend the educational IRA money on K-12 schools.

The senator called out the Democrat claim that the bill would make taxes go up for most Americans. “In January, take a look at your paystubs,” Cruz said. “The Democrats are claiming, wildly falsely, that somehow your taxes are going to go up. Let me tell you, for virtually every American taxpayer in the country, your taxes are going to go down.”

To prove his point, Cruz noted that “every single income tax bracket is going down.” He also pointed out that the standard deduction is being doubled.

“There is one subset of people whose taxes will go up,” Cruz conceded, “Rich people in high tax Democratic states.”

Cruz urged voters to look at their paystubs in January and, “if they weren’t telling the truth, if you’re paying less taxes, you ought to stop and ask yourself, ‘Gosh, why did 48 Democrats in the Senate all tell me something that was false?’”

After noting that Democrats have crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans for tax relief in the past, Cruz answered the question of why the current Democratic caucus voted in lockstep against the reform bill.

“Because they can’t stand the President,” Cruz said. “They’re angry at the President. That’s fine. If they’re angry at the President, stand up and yell at the President, but don’t take it out on kids who are homeschooled. Don’t take it out on kids with disabilities.”

The tax reform bill passed on Wednesday with a party line vote. Despite providing tax relief for the middle class, the bill was largely unpopular among voters. FiveThirtyEight pointed out that the tax cuts were even less popular than some tax increases have been.

The responsibility for the bill’s unpopularity lies with media misrepresentations of the bill based on Democratic falsehoods, but Republicans who did not adequately defend and explain the legislation share the blame. If every Republican spoke as strongly in favor of tax reform as Sen. Cruz, public opinion would be very different.

Originally published on The Resurgent

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