Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bobby Jindal calls for national revival

Speaking at a prayer rally in Louisiana last Saturday, Bobby Jindal called for a nationwide Christian revival. The Louisiana governor told attendees that spiritual renewal is needed to turn the country around.

According to ABC News, Jindal told the group, “"We can't just elect a candidate and fix what ails our country. We can't just pass a law and fix what ails our country. We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country.”

Other reports said that Jindal gave a personal account of his conversion to Catholicism. The 15-minute remarks, summarized in the Guardian, describe how Jindal became disillusioned with religion after the death of his grandfather. Later, a friend gave him a Bible that Jindal he would have sold if it hadn’t been personally inscribed. He was also influenced by a “pretty girl” in high school who wanted to be a Supreme Court justice so she could “help save innocent human lives right here in America” by restricting abortion.

Jindal said that his conversion came while at LSU in a chapel service that he had attended to hear a friend sing. He was moved to drop to his knees and worship by a film depicting Jesus Christ on the cross.

“God chose that moment to hit me harder than I’ve ever been hit before,” Jindal said.

Jindal, who is seriously considering a presidential campaign in 2016, skipped an event in Iowa attended by other potential candidates to attend the prayer rally. Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Chris Christie were in attendance at the Freedom Summit in Des Moines according to National Journal.

Jindal is not alone in calling for a return to Judeo-Christian values and religion in America. Many conservatives link the destruction of marriage and the family with the explosive increase in entitlement spending. The debate over same-sex marriage, federal mandates on abortifacient and contraceptive drugs, and the continuing controversy over abortion have created a crisis for religious freedom in America.

The Louisiana rally was sponsored by the American Family Association, a pro-family group that is considered “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to its opposition to gay rights and same-sex marriage.

According to the Guardian, Jindal concluded his remarks saying, “It is like God has given us the book of life. He doesn’t let us see the pages for today, tomorrow. He doesn’t promise us everything will go the way we want. He doesn’t promise you your sports team will win, or you’ll get the promotion at work. He doesn’t promise you you’re going to win the next election or that everything’s going to happen like you want. But he does let you see the last page in the book of life. And on the last page, our God wins.”

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