Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Georgia Elections

Many people probably don’t vote because they simply aren’t sure when the elections are. As a frequent traveler, I’ve almost missed several due to being out of town and forgetting to request an absentee ballot. In this blog, I’ll try to fill in the important dates to remember for Georgians in 2010. There might be additional city and county election dates as well, so check with your local elections officials and mark your calendar.

The first elections in Georgia will occur on March 16, 2010. This will be a special election held to fill vacancies only. Check locally to see if you need to head to the polls. To vote in this election, you will need to register to vote by February 16. There will be a similar special election held on September 21. Register by August 23, to vote in this election. If needed, runoffs for these elections will be held on April 13 and October 19 respectively.

The first truly statewide election of the year will be the Georgia primary election. The primary will be held on July 20. To vote in the primary, you must register by June 21. A runoff for the primary will be held on August 10, if it is required.

The general election, 2010’s main event, will be held on November 2. If you haven’t registered by this point, you have until October 4 to do so. A runoff for the primary election will be held on November 30, if needed.

If you cannot visit a polling place on election day, you can request an absentee ballot. In Georgia, the deadline to request an absentee ballot application is the Friday before the election. Absentee ballots can be cast up to 180 days before the election. I will discuss the process for absentee voting, as well as the registration process, in later posts.

Mark your calendar with these important dates. Remember that voting is a civic right and duty. It is also your duty to be an informed voter. Follow my posts to learn more about the issues at stake in Election 2010.

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